About Erin

It’s hard to say exactly what Erin Harkes is. She’s a singer/songwriter. She’s a full time musician. She’s also a part time standup comedian. Whatever she is doing she is doing it on stage!  

Erin began writing her own songs at age 19 and has released four albums of original material since then. Her first CD was aptly titled “Bar Napkins and Magic Markers” due to the crude way the lyrics were jotted down during her college years. 

Her music comes from triumphs over tragedy. Though sometimes somber there’s always a resounding theme of resilience. The power of her voice and the emotion that comes through her lyrics make you want to sit and listen to every word.  Erin’s lyrics tell stories of her life, sung through a big voice that’s often compared to Janis Joplin.  Hearing Erin sing is a powerful experience that grabs anyone within earshot. 

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This site was suggested to me years ago as a way to offer new material exclusively to fans who subscribe! I've been meaning to write some new stuff and this recent tour cancelation couldn't be a better time for it! You can subscribe at any level you'd like but it starts at $1 a month! The higher you go the more perks you get ;) If I get enough subscribers I can offset the gym membership I pay for and never use.....

Booking 2020 with the Big Band! Weddings, galas, etc!

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