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Or read them all! Knowledge is power. 

I use a product called "heat transfer vinyl" to make my custom merchandise. Basically it's a sheet of vinyl that gets cut, peeled and then pressed to the fabric with heat. SO if you're looking for text or simple shapes (vectors/certain logos) I can likely do it. I can usually make things with a couple different colors. Sometimes I use vinyl that has a design on it. The most popular one lately is a gradient rainbow. So your picture or writing would be cut on that! I cannot do pictures of faces or complicated logos as you can do with silkscreen/screen printing. 


Can you put my name on a mask? 


Can you make me one with a heart shape? 


How about a doggie cartoon? 


What about a picture of my dog, Frank? 

No. Sorry. 

What color masks do you have? 

Presently the masks I prefer to use are either black or white. If you have your heart set on a hot pink mask with your name on it I'll research and try and get you the best mask possible. 

What color can I make the letters? 

Pretty much any color you want. If I don't have it I will get it. I have about 30 colors on hand and can get many other colors pretty quickly. 

So blue? 


And green?  

Yes. That is also a color. 

What color shirts do you have? 

I don’t have ANY shirts. Everything I make is to order. It’s all custom. I’m one person in one room in one house. I don’t have a warehouse or the investment potential to purchase a bunch of shirts in the hopes they’re ordered. I have a handful of black tees that have been in my workshop for a couple months bc I got cocky and ordered extras and now I learned my lesson. 

So do you have burgundy shirts? 

No. I just said. 

So can I get a burgundy shirt that says “I’m not bright?” 


Ok so I want a custom mask but I don’t know what I want it to say! 

Cool. I’ll be here when you figure it out. 

What should I put on it? 

I don’t know. I have never met you. 

I think I know what I want but I can’t really draw. Can you make a design for me? 

If it’s something simple I am happy to make a design for you. But be honest with yourself. Are you a difficult person? Are you gonna take advantage of my kindness and make me design and redesign several times over before you ever order? Then we may have to discuss a design fee. 

Can you do tank tops? 


What about sweatshirts? 


Long sleeves? 

OMG yes. 

V necks? 


How come XXXL and V Necks are more expensive? 

Because they cost more. Uhhhh…. 

What’s the turnaround time on these orders? 

Typically I can get things out in a week. If I can’t I usually let you know how long it’s going to take and why it’s going to take that long. Usually I can get my supplies in a matter of days but with Covid I can’t always count on other company’s shipping times. The distributors I have been using have been fantastic BUT even they have their issues with shipping these days. With masks lately I have been able to get them out in a couple days. Because I got cocky and ordered extra. 

Will you make ones with swear words? 

Fuck yeah I will! 

What happens if I order my masks that say “fuck Jason” because my boyfriend Jason cheated on me and then like right after I order it he and I make up and I want it to say “I heart Jason” what do I do? 

I suggest keeping the original order bc he’ll probably cheat on you again but if you really wanna change your order then email and I will change your order. Please don’t FB message or IG message or if somehow you have my number (I can’t believe I gave it to you) don’t send me a text. EMAIL ONLY please. There are too many streams to follow and I might get mixed up once it’s time to make your mask. Everything is on a page on my website that I make into a spreadsheet before I start to work on each order. If you send me a DM on IG at 3am you may be shit out of luck. 

How BIG can the design be? 

I typically cut on sheets that are 12x12. Occasionally 12x24 (which would be a mighty large shirt). If your design is small then it is included in the price. If you want something enormous I may have to charge you more bc I will be using more vinyl. Math. 

Will you make ANYTHING? 

No. I have the right to refuse to make things that I don’t believe in. If you want something that I find hateful or disparaging I am not going to make it. You are, in turn, entitled to argue with me and write nasty shit all over social media about me. I’ll own it. I am not going to make anything gross. I should warn you though - when people put me on blast the attention usually drives up my sales. So by all means……… 

Please just keep in mind I am one person. I do all of this myself. And while I am SUPER grateful any time I am busy I can also get a little overwhelmed. I get a lot of questions and I do my best to answer them all. If each question actually resulted in an order then I could’ve retired about 3 months ago. So please be patient with me and we’ll get you what you want.